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XT Extrication Device for rapid and precautionary extrication


XT line for rapid and precautionary extrication

XT extrication boards are medical devices designed to help patients in safety and speed.

With the revolutionary XT line, you can complete the extrication protocol quickly and safely, even in the most complex situations: interventions in confined spaces, vertical rescues, water rescue. All versions allow correct immobilization of the cervical tract and with the supplementary kits you can update your extrication board whenever you want.


Why should you work with the XT extrication device?

It's safe. The operations for the extraction of patients from vehicles or other confined spaces are carried out in complete safety. Thanks to the included wedge head immobiliser system, the device guarantees maximum immobilisation of the patient's head and spine if cervical injuries are suspected.

It reduces intervention times. The special coloured buckles on the safety restraints simplify and speed up the immobilisation process. (rapid extrication in less than 20 seconds)

It's comfortable for both the patient and the operator. The restraints immobilise the patient without exerting compression, and the lifting handles provide for a firm and ergonomic grip.

It is easy to transport and sanitise. It's made from lightweight and easy to clean material.


What do rescuers say about the XT extricator?

We asked those who used XT to leave us an opinion. Here are some of them:

  • "Learning to use it is really very instinctive."
  • "Rapid extrication can be completed in less than 20 seconds and precautionary extrication in just 3 minutes."
  • "Immobilization of the patient's cervical spine is immediately ensured."


Components and main characteristics

  • Rigid and lightweight carbon fibre board.
  • Classic adjustable restraints with colour-coded buckles (ECG colour code).
  • Quick restraint replacement.
  • Compatible with non-traumatic stretchers, spinal boards and vacuum mattresses.
  • QHI-B (Quick Head Immobilizer) complete with wedge and neoprene strap.
  • 3 WizLoc collars.
  • Transport bag.



  • Regulation (EU) 2017/745 concerning Medical Devices EN ISO 13485:2016+A11:2021
  • LOOPER DY (for XT Pro) certified EN 566:2006.
  • SAFETY 4 YOUR BACK device.
  • Marchio CE.
  • EN ISO 9001:2015


Technical specifications

   Code    Descriprion
   KIT XT PLUS-B         Kit with XT board, 3 WizLoc collars and carrying bag.   


   Width       Length   


   Thickness      Load capacity     
   300 mm    830 mm    1,6 Kg    3,5 mm   160 Kg


Accessories and spare parts

   QHI head immobilizer, with red neoprene band and black pouch.     QHI-B-N
   Transport bag for XT extrication device     10-1605-001   
   Complete set of belts for XT extrication device with color coded pastic buckles          25-0500-001  
   Red neoprene band for QHI with black pouch.      25-0600-001        
   Triangular head immobilizer for XT      038245211


Upgrade your extrication device at any time

Did you purchase the XT Plus , and are now interested in the XT PRO or XT FLOATING? There's no need to purchase another extrication device. You can upgrade your current model with:


  • XT PRO KIT : 4 restraints with cobra buckles; 2 handling rings; 2 leg loop restraint pads; 1 carabiner; 1 lifting strap;
Choose the XT PRO KIT if...
You need an extrication device for vertical rescues. This version includes human lift restraints with cobra buckles, which are useful in the case of mountain rescues or accidents in industrial environments. The device allows you to maintain the patient's posture on the recovery line, thus reducing the handling space and the relative risks. The patient can be positioned vertically thanks to the supplied strap, which simplifies the lifting operations.)


  • XT FLOATING KIT: 4 handling rings; 3 floating cylinders; 2 retaining restraints; 1 longitudinal retaining restraint.
Choose XT FLOATING KIT if...

You need an extrication device suitable for water rescues. The XT Floating unit is equipped with one float to support the head and two lateral floats. The system keeps the patient's face out of the water at all times. This extrication device also reduces the intervention time thanks to the special Fast Clip technology, which allows the floats to be attached in just a few seconds


We've provided this possibility in order to allow you to upgrade your extrication device at any time. #FERNOMENAL


Summing up:

Would you like to upgrade your XT ?

   Code    Description
   KIT FLOATING       XT Floating belts kit with floats and emergency light     
   KIT PRO    XT PRO harness kit with leg loop restraint pads

Would you like to buy a new XT?

   Code    Description
   KIT XT PLUS-B       XT Extrication board

   XT Floating

   XT Floating extrication board for water rescue         

   XT - PRO with Human Lift harness kit for vertical rescue   

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XT Extrication Device for rapid and precautionary extrication


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